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Guest Testimonials

Testimonials from our Winter Park Lodging Guests

Find out a little bit more from our guests and repeat visitors on what they think about our lodging through their testimonials listed below. We want your feedback too! Please be sure to send us a line at or we'd love it if you'd leave us feedback on our Google+ page.

    "Awesome Townhouse - Spruce Ridge 704 We stayed at this property with our three children and another couple for our annual ski trip. It was absolutely amazing! It was immaculate and so warm and inviting. The view off the balcony was breathtaking. We took several family pics there. The bedrooms were awesome, the bathrooms were awesome and we even had a garage. There was so much room. I would most highly recommend this place. We've skiied lots of places and we have a family joke about "where Mom is making us stay this time"."

-Susie Baker, OK

    "Winter Wonderland Private Home: It's a warm & welcoming home and we would look forward to returning to the same location again. The home is situated in a peaceful, serene spot with lovely views, and is plenty close enough to skiing (Sol Vista or Winter Park), groceries, or whatever services you need. It's a very spacious home with plenty of room for different activities at the same time such as pool/ping pong downstairs, someone watching a movie upstairs and people chatting, watching TV or playing a game in yet another location. Well-equipped kitchen. A highlight for the men in the family: definitely the pool table"

-Name Withheld, Puyallup, WA

    "Great Home, Great Service - Fairways View This is a fantastic home. The setting is in the heart of Grand County with terrific views of the mountains and the Pole Creek Golf Course. Plenty of room for everyone with every amenity imaginable. As someone who has rented vacation homes elsewhere, the home itself is one part of the experience; the people you deal with are just as important. To that end the staff at Destinations West were superb. I've rented other homes in the area (five other occasions) and each time their service surpasses my expectations. You can't go wrong with a stay at Fairway Views or Destinations West!"

-J E, Fort Collins, CO

    Inspiration Point for a Honeymoon: We had a fantastic stay at the cabin. It is seriously nice and sooo beautiful out there. The cabin really couldn't have been more perfect for our stay. I'm really glad we decided to stay there. After we left it, we went to Divide, CO and stayed in a place that was about equal cost to the Inspiration Point cabin and it was so run-down and old and dirty. We really wish we would have just stayed at Inspiration Point the whole time! So basically, you could be charging way more for that place, or we got screwed over with the other place. Either way, your cabin was leaps and bounds better, nicer, cleaner, etc than everything else we've seen. Thank you so much for allowing us to stay and being a really good host company!

Nicholas Whitney