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Colorado Family Reunion Activities

Winter Park Colorado Summer

Family Reunion Activities (in our area include)

White Water Rafting on the Colorado River

Visit Adventures in Whitewater's website

Horseback Riding in the Arapaho National Forest

Visit Sombrero Ranches website

Winter Park Resort

Ride the Alpine Slide at Winter Park Summer Resort, plus mini golf, bungee trampoline, chairlift ride and much more
Visit Winter Park Resort's website.

Family Reunion Game Ideas

Family Scavenger Hunt

This is a twist on an old favorite, where the search is for family information. Kids especially enjoy this game. Before the reunion, gather family information. Then type up a list of questions (questions can pertain to reunion day happenings too). Let players search for the answers in teams throughout the day then grade their completed questionnaires for a prize. Here are a few examples of questions that can be used.
-How did Grandpa propose to Grandma?
-Which relative traveled to this country by boat?
-Who traveled the farthest to be here today?
-Who has the worst sunburn?
-Which relative has the most children, and what are their middle names?
-Who has the loudest laugh?

Dress Up Contest

Divide into teams and choose one person to be the dress-up model. Use old clothes, scarves, glasses, shoes, and anything else that you can place on another person/s body to dress up your model. Make your model as funny and creative as possible. The best wins.

Talent Show

Put enough family members together and odds are you'll have all kinds of talents represented. Have everyone get together and have a good old talent show. You can have judges pick a winner or have everyone judge by applause.

Family Lineup

In the game Family Lineup, the aim is to get your team lined up according to a single distinguishing characteristic that is called out by someone in the group: birth order, age, height, distance traveled to the reunion, alphabetical state of origin, and so on. The first team to get lined up yells out its order and wins.

Reunion Journal Or Scrapbook

Teenage girls often enjoy this activity. Have them capture memorable moments with pictures, funny stories and quotes and compile them into a journal or scrapbook. Everyone can look at it to reminisce, then bring it along to reunions in the future.

Please contact our Group Coordinator for room availability or reunion ideas if you are already reserved!