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Mary Jane is open through May 7!

Mary Jane will be closing for the season this Saturday, May 7, and of course there's a decent chance of snow in the forecast for the last day of what has been a banner ski and ride season in Winter Park.

Mary Jane is open through May 7!

This past weekend was filled with festivities, from the annual Spring Splash shenanigans at the base of Winter Park Resort, to the very popular C-Lot Party on The Jane side for the more adventurous. However, for the first time since 1998, yesterday wasn't Last Call.

April rules in Winter Park, Colorado

As a recent guest from Florida raved at our front desk while booking his family's return ski trip for next year, "April is AWESOME!"

Extended Season: Closing Day at Mary Jane | May 7, 2016

March came in like a lion, and hasn't let up in the least. El Niño hooked us up with over 45 inches of snow over the course of four(!!) consecutive powder days last week, and we got another 16 inches of white gold from the storm that rolled into the Fraser Valley last night.

Trestle® Bike Park feature, buried thanks to El Niño!

Spring is always a welcome time of the year in Winter Park. We still get plenty of snow – but we also have an abundance of warm sunshine to further brighten spirits on an invigorating powder day.